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If You Are Interested
If you are interested in reading some lighter articles I have written over the years, I suggest that you GOOGLE:    -  The articles are on many topics and there are a number on Ireland.
Also. if you have small children, I have written children stories - many of which appeared years ago in the Cape Cod Times -  the articles feature Tiny Teddy and his best friend Berry Beagle. GOOGLE:
We Wonder
We wonder! Our minds wander back to that fateful day when our phone rang or we heard a loud knock on our door, and we heard the fatal news, a loved one had died - by suicide. We stood there, our knees buckled and the horror of that moment overwhelmed us in agonizing anguish.
Years have passed, maybe just months, and we wonder. Whether drinking our morning coffee, watching the nightly news or laying in bed at day's end - our minds suddenly wander back to that day that never ends and we wonder.
What could we have done? What could we have done to have prevented our loved one's death? Our minds are flooded with answers but they cannot turn back time.
People with good intentions tell us we need closure, we need to move on, to live our life. But they don't realize how hurtful, distressful, those words are. They don't understand the sadness and sorrow within us. We move forward at our own pace - and we know time does not heal all wounds, does not completely mend al…
In Life
In life, you never know what might happen in a day. You wake up early on a sunny morning. You have plans, things to do, positive expectations on how the day will unfold.
You don't anticipate a suicide. Suicide is sudden and unexpected. like a lightning bolt across a bright blue sky - it comes out of nowhere.
Suicide stuns and shocks you, a loved one lost - suicide. Questions scream within you - how, when, where, why? Answers given but not heard as disbelief rages in your mind as you are overwhelmed by darkness and grief.
A date on the calendar is now forever draped in black. Suicide ends a life in death and as it does it steals life from the living. And loves lies bleeding in our hearts.
I am you. We are each other.