The lost of a loved one to suicide is sudden and shocking, a reality from which you never fully recover - as you spend years suffering in sadness and sorrow. At times you are overwhelmed with life, feeling helpless and hopeless as life's burdens become too much to bear. You need to escape, a retreat - a refuge from the reality in which you live. A place where the past does not follow you, a place where you feel safe and comfortable, a place where you'll find relief from your burdens - where you can relax, revive and rejuvenate your body, soul and spirit. A place where you can replenish your energy and restore physical and mental wellbeing. Your life is important and precious - and even though you are heartbroken, you must live your life the best you can, moving forward as you carry your loved one with you. So, find your special place where you can revitalize yourself every now and then. My special place is a small village in Ireland - my home away from home where peace always


  Suffering the loss of a loved one to suicide is heartbreaking and painful - you feel tortured mentally, physically and emotionally. Overwhelmed in agony and anguish, you often feel alone, that life is empty, meaningless. Time passes, your wounds fade but never heal - your life begins to improve, a sense of normalcy returns, you are starting to feel better. And now? You are ready to turn your pain into passion. Because of all the suffering sadness and sorrow you have endured, you are now uniquely qualified to help those who have lost a loved one to suicide - and do what you can to prevent suicide. So, turn your pain into passion. I have done it! You can do it! Contact:


  "I am in mourning for my life."  Anton Chekhov I mourn. Suicide has been part of my life since I was eleven years old. I have lost the two people I have loved the most in my life to suicide. I have lost childhood friends, classmates and neighbors. Suicide is a dark shadow from which I cannot escape - it may not always be visible but it is always there. As time passes. as I grow older, I have this fear - what I am most afraid of: that sometime in the future, I will wake up one morning and start a slow silent stroll towards suicide - or maybe I have been on that journey since I was eleven and don't even know it - as I am in mourning for my life. Contact:  


  The storm! The storm usually begins with feelings of sadness, a lack of interest, being withdrawn, a sense of loneliness. In time these feelings deepen into depression and despair - overwhelming and painful mental anguish engulfed in helplessness and hopelessness. Thoughts of suicide - and as the storm rages, intensifies, suicide becomes the solution.  Family and friends are worried by the unusual and uncharacteristic behavior - what to do? But once suicide is decided, plans made, a day decided - peacefulness prevails, the storm passes, all is calm - a sense of normalcy returns, family and friends are relieved and relaxed. But it is at this time that family and friends should be more attentive, most vigilant - for it is in this calmness that death often arrives. Contact:


  "When you grieve, tears and guilt are mixed together."  Art Buchwald The loss of a loved one to suicide is so dreadfully devastating and so suddenly shocking, that you feel as though you are suffocating - for you are so overwhelmed with grief, so overcome with guilt. In your sorrowful suffering you become torn, at times trapped, between grief and guilt. Grief is agonizingly painful, physically and emotionally - you are worn out, exhausted, yet the grief endures - so endless that no amount of tears can wash it away. Guilt tortures and torments you, creates an anguish of mental havoc you jus can't seem to control - as you think of all the things you could have done to have prevented your loved one's suicide. But what you know now, you didn't know then. Guilt is a false accusation, blaming yourself for something you had no control over. Grief and guilt: nothing is more painful than grief. nothing is more torturous than guilt. Pray God that what overwhelms you today


  Christmas is love. But if you have lost a loved one to suicide, this can be a season of silent sadness, of profound feelings of loneliness and loss. You may feel alone and abandoned, but your family and friends love you and they want to embrace and comfort you with their love. So, open your heart to their love - for it may be the light that helps guide out of the darkness. And where there is love, there is hope. May this love and hope be the blessings you need most of all on Christmas Day. Contact: