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Suicide Is Silent
Suicide is silent. Suicide is a secret only shared within oneself. As Albert Camus wrote, "Suicide is prepared within the silence of the heart." Suicide is death by sadness, planned in secret and is silent.
How silent is suicide? The week Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain committed suicide, 860 other people killed themselves that week. And there was silence, not a word.
But suicide is not silent to those who have lost a loved one, friend or neighbor to suicide. No death destroys the heart and soul of a family as does suicide because no death brands a family with a stigma so penetrating and painful. And it leaves loved ones with wounds that never heal and hearts that never mend - as many days and nights are spent suffering in silence.
Suicide is extremely difficult to prevent because it "is prepared within the silence of the heart." Camus also wrote, "There is only one truly philosophical problem and that is suicide."
God help us, but we m…