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The Day Before
"Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away..."  Yesterday...the day before we received the tragic and devastating news that our loved one had died.
The news of the suicide strikes us like a surging shock wave, we are stunned and stumble - we are overcomed as silent screams rage within us, our eyes tear, we shiver, trapped between disbelief and the painful words we heard.
Unexpectedly our minds suddenly flash back to yesterday, as if confirm that the words we heard cannot be true - the day before when our lives were full of shared dreams and promises, love and laughter.
Maybe we had talked on the phone, gone out to dinner or to a movie. Maybe we walked along the beach or strolled through a park and enjoyed the warmth of glorious sunshine and each other.
But whatever we did on the day before, it is now a memory to behold. And now there is heart break and sadness. A loved one has died and we are lost within ourselves - knowing that our sorrow is here to stay …