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In Memory of Anne
In memory of Anne, the sadness of suicide - as Leonard Cohen sang, "You know my love goes with you, As your loves stays with me."
Decades ago on Monday, February 17th, you sat alone in Plant Park next to the Hillsborough River - all was quiet, then in an instant, sudden death.
Anne, you said "I love you" but you never said goodbye. We were so young and you were oh so beautiful, so full of grace and charm, so full of wonder and mystery.
Anne, you were gorgeous, confident and candid, funny and joyful, smart and sassy - a woman perfectly radiant in her beauty and charisma, yet you were fragile, deceptively delicate.
Anne, you had a smile that could melt M&M's in my hand. But of dear Anne, your smile was a false god, captivating and enticing, dazzling in its brilliance - discreetly deceiving in all that it promised. For hidden behind your seducing smile were dark secrets - depression, despair, the pain you suffered.
On Saturday evening, we ha…