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The Loss Of A Loved One
When we have lost a loved one to suicide, we spend many days, months, even years, suffering in silence - unable to fully comprehend the tormenting tragedy
Suicide is death by sadness that leaves behind a trail of tears embedded in suffocating sorrow. Our hearts bleed, our souls cry and our minds are overwhelmed with questions that are never answered.
Suicide is so savage, so devastating, that it rips people apart like no other tragedy and damages the psyche in ways that can never be repaired - life is never the same again.
For loved ones, suicide is so unexpectedly final yet is has no ending. It steals life from the living as one struggles to make sense of the loss, tries to overcome feelings of guilt and anguish and the torturing thoughts of how the tragedy could have been prevented.
And usually, a person must confront these thoughts alone in the sickening silence of seclusion and solitude.
No death destroys the heart and soul of a loved one as does suicide. …
Thoughts & Words On Suicide
The following thoughts and words on suicide were written by men and women far wiser than me. 
You don't expect, never anticipate, a suicide of a loved one.
Suicide is a decision certain people have taken early in their lives. They may not know it but it's in them. Then one day something comes along that triggers it. Can be totally trivial, can be drastic. But the intention was always there, and the results are the same.  John LeCarre - A Legacy of Spies
Hopelessness is the most dominant feature of those who commit suicide. - Maurice Lamm
From a book I read - Every time something bad happens, I think about it, think about suicide. You're a suicide that hasn't happened yet.
On his grandfather's suicide, Bruce Feiler wrote - He thought he was doing it to relieve the burden on all of us. Instead, he gave us a burden for the rest of our lives.

People who are planning on killing themselves are perfectly capable of feigning an interest in …
January Is A Cruel Month
January is a cruel month, a bleak, coldhearted month. January is a dark, desolate month, a month of depression, despair and desperation.  A month when sadness creeps into one's soul and lingers and festers until one starts thinking of the need to escape, to leave life behind - because January is a suicidal month.
But before you start making plans, remember these words:  If you commit suicide, you steal life from those that love you and kill the dreams of your loved ones. Your loved ones will suffer agonizing penetrating pain that will pierce their hearts and souls.
Your death will be so devasting that your loved one's lives will never be the same again -  their wounds will never heal, their broken hearts will never mend, their tears will never end.
So STAY!  If you are thinking of suicide, STAY - your family and friends need you and depend on you. If you are planning to commit suicide, STAY - your family and friends love and care for you. You bring jo…