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The Christmas Season
The Christmas season! It may be the most wonderful time of the year - but if you have lost a loved one to suicide, it can be a season of silent sadness and sorrow, of languishing and lamenting loneliness. And I hope and pray that we may find some light within the darkness.
Because, Christmas - embracing and sharing the love of family and friends, turning tears into smiles, frowns into laughter, extending kindness to others, offering comfort to those alone, lighting a candle to melt hardened hearts and opening the door to those who have been apart.
Christmas is...a time of forgiveness. Reaching out and shaking hands with those who caused pain, opening the hearts that are distant and bringing them near, removing the burdens of those that fear.
Christmas is...the season of giving a smile and holiday greetings to a stranger and giving a helping hand to a neighbor, giving to those who need you most of all and those most in need - knowing in your heart that i…