The Loss Of A Loved One

When we have lost a loved one to suicide, we spend many days, months, even years, suffering in silence - unable to fully comprehend the tormenting tragedy

Suicide is death by sadness that leaves behind a trail of tears embedded in suffocating sorrow. Our hearts bleed, our souls cry and our minds are overwhelmed with questions that are never answered.

Suicide is so savage, so devastating, that it rips people apart like no other tragedy and damages the psyche in ways that can never be repaired - life is never the same again.

For loved ones, suicide is so unexpectedly final yet is has no ending. It steals life from the living as one struggles to make sense of the loss, tries to overcome feelings of guilt and anguish and the torturing thoughts of how the tragedy could have been prevented.

And usually, a person must confront these thoughts alone in the sickening silence of seclusion and solitude.

No death destroys the heart and soul of a loved one as does suicide. And no one is in more need of a helping hand, of comforting kindness, of embracing love, than a person who lost a loved one to suicide.



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