Thanksgiving: Home & Family

O. Henry wrote, "There is one day that is ours. Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American."

And it is the day we travel, near and far, to go home. Home is not just where the heart is, home is who we are as a person and a family. We are home and we have lost a loved one to suicide and it is Thanksgiving. A day to come together and celebrate - a festive day of family, friends, fun and food.

And as we gather around the dining room table, to enjoy a feast filled with joy and laughter - there is an empty seat, someone is missing. Someone we love freely, deeply and dearly is not sitting at the table - but is resting quietly within our hearts and souls.

A day of happiness is shaded in silent sadness and sorrow - and tender tears seep softly from our hearts. We may feel alone but we are surrounded, embraced, but those who love us and we love - and for this we are sincerely thankful this day.

It is Thanksgiving and we will persevere and survive. May you have some peace this day, for you are home with your family. And we are all family this day.



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