When The Holiday Season Is Over

When the holiday seasons is over, January can be a cruel month, a bleak cold-hearted month. The bright rainbow colors of Christmas have faded. And the dark desolate month of January is upon us.  - a month of depression, despair and desperation. A month when sadness creeps into one's soul and lingers and festers until one starts thinking of the need to escape, to leave life behind - because January is a suicidal month.

But before you start making plans, remember these words: If you kill yourself, it steals life from the living and the dreams of those that love you. Your loved ones will suffer agonizing penetrating pain that will pierce their hearts and souls.

Your death will be so incredibly devastating that your loved ones lives will never be the same again - their wounds will never heal, their broken hearts will never mend, their tears will never end.

So STAY! If you are thinking of suicide, STAY - your family and friends need you and depend upon you. If your are planning to kill yourself, STAY - your family and friends love and care for you. You bring joy and happiness to more people than you realize.

So, just STAY for one more day. When tomorrow comes, STAY for one more day. Please STAY one more day and the day will arrive when the light will silently come through the darkness, hope will slowly spring from the depression. STAY and the world around you will gradually change from black and white to a beautiful bouquet of bright colors - the sun will shine and you'll be happy you stayed.

For the best days of your life wait to be discovered.



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